Blend No. 5 Gold Quintessence

Classic Blend bottle No. 5
Classic version-1 Liter Bottle – 40% ABV content. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Has the soul * distilled cane and stored in barrels of European oak and brazilian, amburana refinement of five sensory elements, carefully adjusted to be pleasant to the taste and allow infinite combinations in matching the most demanding connoisseurs of distillates.

Sensory Description

Gold rum, tom characteristic crystalline yellow, brilliant. Elaborate as blend, having in its composition a lot of rum stored in oak casks and a batch of rum stored in amburana, merged into custom ratio for a mild sensory identity with Woody striking outcrops without excesses, sweetened with Brown, soft touch chocolate/cocoa, roasted and distant picância with delicate note of spices at the end.

Both sides spent 2 years stored in each wood.

Suggestions for Use

Versatile, can be appreciated in natura in shots of a dose (50 ml) or on the rocks with 1/3 cup and at most 2 ice cubes. On hot days can be previously cooled to 20° C or less, not exceeding the 12 C, noting that this will make a temporary stay of the aromas that will evolve with the natural environment heating after served.

Harmonises best with lightly salted dishes and little greasy, cheeses of medium tanning, plus frugal candy and milk chocolate.

In drinks, exercise caution in the preparation of syrups and sugar added, because it presents sweet ** natural aging in wood.

B5Q Batch 01 the

 B5Q Batch 01 B

* SOUL: in English – spirit, is the name given to the alcohols obtained from plants, where in medieval times it was believed that would be the soul of the plant (of being) that had been captured. That's why distillates are called "spirits" in the English language.

** No additions of carbohydrates (sugars) in this rum, showing natural sweet sensation.




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